Grey Oaks Country Club

Welcome to Grey Oaks Country Club

Where Idyllic Living Meets Refined Luxury
Welcome to the crème de la crème of lifestyle communities — Grey Oaks Country Club. Here, every day is imbued with the essence of resort-style grandeur, pairing active living with indulgent luxury. Embrace an oasis where the line between indoor sophistication and outdoor leisure seamlessly fades, setting the stage for a lifestyle unparalleled in Southwest Florida.

What to Love

  • Not just a venue but an experience for social festivities.
  • Over 1,000 enriching activities to partake in annually.
  • A golfer's nirvana with 54 holes across three distinguished courses.
  • A pulsating hub for community interactions and engagements.

Local Lifestyle

The effervescence of Grey Oaks Country Club’s lifestyle isn't limited to its opulent amenities; it permeates the very atmosphere. Residents here revel in an energetically social environment characterized by congeniality and shared passions. This spirited community fosters not just comfortable living but a vibrant existence where every day offers a new canvas for recreation and leisure.

Dining and Entertainment

Your gastronomic journey at Grey Oaks Country Club will surely be a tale to remember. At this esteemed establishment, multiple ambient settings are meticulously crafted to cater to the mood of every occasion. The glowing testimonials from patrons endorse the Pool Café, where the milieu effortlessly oscillates between vibrant and serene, a rare achievement complemented by impeccable service.
The East Clubhouse is an embodiment of culinary grace. It invites guests into a sumptuously appointed setting that complements a menu that tantalizes the palate with every bite. The West Clubhouse, on the other hand, is an arena of spirited engagements. Here, the bar sets the stage for exquisite mixology, with cocktails that are nothing short of artwork. Collectively, these venues epitomize the culinary and social heights that Grey Oaks Country Club endeavors to offer its cherished community.

Things to Do

Your wellness journey at Grey Oaks Country Club is a blend of physical enrichment and soulful relaxation, fortified by an extensive catalog of fitness classes. Whether it’s the mindfulness of yoga, the intensity of a boot camp, or the tranquility of water aerobics, the weekly schedule has been designed to nurture both your body and spirit.
Moreover, the club isn’t just about fine dining and scenic fairways; it’s a bustling recreational hive. With activities spanning from Pilates reformers to strength training and even spin classes, Grey Oaks redefines the concept of an active, luxurious lifestyle. These activities not only cater to your fitness goals but also offer an excellent opportunity to socialize and meet like-minded individuals within the community.


  • Grey Oaks Country Club High School: A public school with a wide spectrum of academic and extracurricular offerings.
  • Grey Oaks Middle School for the Arts: Specializing in arts education while providing a balanced academic curriculum.
  • Grey Oaks Elementary School: Focused on laying a robust educational foundation for younger students.
  • Neighboring Gulf Coast High School: Offers extensive academic and extracurricular programs and serves students from Grey Oaks.
  • Grey Oaks Preparatory and Fitness Academy: A charter school with an emphasis on character development.
  • Gateway Charter High School: Located nearby, offering a diverse range of programs.
  • Grey Oaks Charter School: Serving grades K-8 in a nurturing and supportive environment.
Embark on a life imbued with the finest luxuries at Grey Oaks Country Club—a sanctuary where opulence and comfort coalesce into a lifestyle beyond compare.
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