The Top 9 Reasons People Love Living in Naples

The Top 9 Reasons People Love Living in Naples

  • Amy Nease
  • 05/22/23

If you're thinking about a move to Naples, Florida, you may find yourself wondering about the benefits of moving to Naples. What is it about the area that draws people in? Is Naples, Florida, the right place for you to move? As you browse through Naples homes for sale, make sure you take a clear look at the top reasons people love living in Naples.

Naples has great warm weather common to the greater Florida area

Naples is warm and sunny, like most of the greater Florida area. It has approximately 264 sunny days per year and an average temperature that stays comfortable all year long. Naples residents can enjoy an average high of around 90 through July and an average low in January of just 52, which makes it a much more comfortable climate for many people.

Naples residents can enjoy plenty of fantastic outdoor activities

You don't have to enjoy a waterfront home for sale in Naples, FL, to experience many of the advantages of activities in the great outdoors. Naples residents can enjoy a host of fantastic outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and more. For families that love exploration and outdoor activity, Naples offers plenty of great options ideal for many families. 
Outdoor exploration and activity is a great way for people to stay healthier in general. Staying active can help reduce depression and anxiety and stave off the potential impact of a number of diseases. Not only that, getting outside to enjoy those great activities can help many people feel more energetic and avoid seasonal depression, common in colder climates during the winter months. Thanks to the gorgeous outdoor activities in Naples, many people feel that there's always something new to explore, and they have plenty of opportunities to make the most of those great activities.

The Naples area offers access to gorgeous beaches

For people who are looking for the amazing benefits of beachfront living, Naples is sure to deliver. As you live and play in Naples, you'll get access to those gorgeous beaches, filled with plenty of opportunities for family connection or simply an excuse to enjoy the wind and the waves. Out on the beach, Naples residents can swim, go for picnics, or simply go for those long walks on the beach that are perfect for letting all their troubles slip away. Waterfront properties in the Naples area can offer direct access to those amenities at any time of the day, which can be perfect for people looking to get away from it all.

Florida does not have a state income tax

Are you looking for a place that doesn't have a state income tax? Florida may deliver everything you're looking for. While you will still have to contend with a potentially high sales tax, you don't have to worry about paying a state income tax when you live in Florida. For many people who are considering the potential cost of living in the Naples area, the lack of an income tax can make overall living more affordable.

In Naples, residents and visitors can find a variety of golf courses

Do you enjoy heading out for a round (or two) of golf? Do you like the amenities offered by a gorgeous golf course, including the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors? Naples is home to a number of golf courses. Explore private Clubs such as Mediterra, Talis Park, LaPlaya Golf Club, Country Club of Naples, and Public courses such as Raptor Bay and many others. With so many golf courses to choose from, Naples residents can explore a variety of different greens and refine their tactics.  As Arnold Palmer said “The more I practice, the luckier I get”, and SWFL offers this exceptional opportunity.

Naples offers a variety of communities, helping you find a place to belong from the moment you purchase your new home.

If you're looking to become part of a community as you choose your Naples home, you'll find that Naples is the ideal place for exactly that. Much of the Naples real estate market is housed in communities. As a property owner, you'll be able to reap the many benefits of belonging to a homeowner's association, including a rich number of community amenities. You may find community upkeep paid by your HOA dues, gorgeous gated communities where you can feel safe and secure no matter when you may come home, or a host of fantastic resources and activities you can enjoy with your friends and family members.
For many buyers in the Naples market, those amenities are a key part of the reason to move to the area. Often, moving into a thriving HOA means fewer responsibilities that you have to take care of personally and more to enjoy as you make the move to the area.

Naples offers an amazing sense of connection and community for many residents

Many Naples homes are located in close-knit, thriving communities where you can feel at home and connected to the people around you. In these lovely communities, you'll find an enhanced sense of connection and community with your neighbors, thanks in part to the many activities that are often scheduled just for members of those communities. Talk to your real estate agent about what events happen in the communities you'd like to call home as you move to Naples since you may discover that the perfect Naples home for you includes a property where those events regularly take place.

Naples is an excellent place to retire

Are you looking for a home for your retirement years: a place where you can grow old more comfortably? Many people find that Naples offers a potent draw. Many Naples neighborhoods offer a fantastic, resort-style atmosphere, where it feels as though every day is a vacation. Naples is warm, comfortable, and filled with amenities that can make those senior years more comfortable. Of course, younger residents may also enjoy those fantastic benefits!

People are flocking to Naples for the benefits of remote work

Naples has seen a considerable increase in home sales over the past several years, particularly as more people than ever have made the transition to remote work. Working remotely in Naples can offer a number of advantages. When you move to Naples, you can experience the benefits of beachfront or beach community living all year. Why live somewhere that you constantly want to escape from, constantly counting down to your next vacation?

Many Naples residents find that living in the area offers them immense convenience and comfort no matter the time of year. They don't have to escape for their next vacation. Instead, they get to live in it every day, whether that means a long walk on the beach after the work day comes to an end or a weekend spent exploring the parks, or the latest shopping or restaurant opportunity.

Are you ready to make the move to Naples?

If you're interested in living in a stunning community with gorgeous views, amazing beaches, and all the other benefits of Florida living, Amy Nease is amongst the top 1.5% of Realtors in the United States who can help! Contact her today to learn more about properties for sale in the Naples area, what you might be looking for as you consider the right community for your needs, and how you can find the perfect Naples home for sale.

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